Enable Students to Download Their Tutorial Answers

David Kane

The most common use for the tutorial.helpers package is to allow students to download their answers after they complete a tutorial. To enable this functionality, you need to, first, include library(tutorial.helpers) within the initial setup R code chunk and, second, add this line at the end of the tutorial:

```{r download-answers, child = system.file("child_documents/download_answers.Rmd", package = "tutorial.helpers")}

When students complete the tutorial, they will first be asked how long the tutorial took them to complete, in minutes. They will then be presented with the option to download a copy of their answers, in either pdf, html, or rds format, to their Downloads folder. By default, the name of the downloaded file will be the id of the tutorial with _answers appended, followed by a file suffix indicating the file type.

So, for example, a tutorial with an id equal to getting-started will generate a file called getting-started_answers.pdf if the student selects the pdf download option.