Survey table: formatted survey estimates

The surveytable package provides short and understandable commands that generate tabulated, formatted, and rounded survey estimates. One useful function, which operates on categorical and logical variables, tabulates estimated counts and percentages with their standard errors and confidence intervals. Other functions estimate the total population, tabulate survey subsets and variable interactions, tabulate numeric variables, perform hypothesis tests, tabulate rates, modify survey variables, and save the output. All of the tabulation functions identify low-precision estimates using algorithms developed at the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). If the surveytable code is called from an R Markdown notebook, it automatically generates HTML or LaTeX tables, as appropriate. The package reduces the number of commands that users need to execute, which is especially helpful for users new to R or to programming.


Install from CRAN:


or get a development version from GitHub:

install.packages(c("remotes", "git2r"))
remotes::install_github("CDCgov/surveytable", upgrade = "never")


Find the documentation for surveytable here:


Here is a basic example, to get you started.

Survey info {NAMCS 2019 PUF}
Variables Observations Design
33 8,250 Stratified 1 - level Cluster Sampling design (with replacement)
With (398) clusters.
survey::svydesign(ids = ~CPSUM, strata = ~CSTRATM, weights = ~PATWT,
data = namcs2019sv_df)
Patient age recode {NAMCS 2019 PUF}
Level n Number (000) SE (000) LL (000) UL (000) Percent SE LL UL
Under 15 years 887 117,917 14,097 93,229 149,142 11.4 1.3 8.9 14.2
15-24 years 542 64,856 7,018 52,387 80,292 6.3 0.6 5.1 7.5
25-44 years 1,435 170,271 13,966 144,925 200,049 16.4 1.1 14.3 18.8
45-64 years 2,283 309,506 23,290 266,994 358,787 29.9 1.4 27.2 32.6
65-74 years 1,661 206,866 14,366 180,481 237,109 20   1.2 17.6 22.5
75 years and over 1,442 167,069 15,179 139,746 199,735 16.1 1.3 13.7 18.8
N = 8250. Checked NCHS presentation standards. Nothing to report.

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