spinifex v0.3.7

spinifex v0.3.6

spinifex v0.3.5

spinifex v0.3.4

spinifex v0.3.3

spinifex v0.3.2

spinifex v0.3.1

spinifex v0.3.0

spinifex v0.2.8

Basis_* functions to find features of interest, powered by {Rdimtools}. - basis_olda() - basis_odp() - basis_onpp() - basis_olpp()

New util functions: - scale_sd() center and scale each variable by it’s standard deviation - scale_01() center and scale each variable to be between [0, 1] - basis_half_circle(), variable agnostic basis with minimal variable dependence - as_history_array(), coerces an array of bases into the same attributes and class as returns of tourr::save_history()

spinifex v0.2.7

spinifex v0.2.6

spinifex v0.2.5

New utility

Other changes

spinifex v0.2.0!

Demo shiny app

New functions

To accommodate interactive use, rather than predefined paths:

New utility functions

Other changes

spinifex v0.1.0

Initial submission to CRAN. Vignette: “spinifex”

Primary functions

-play_tour_path() - play_manual_tour()

Primary utility functions