Shiny module for taking free-form notes and displaying them in a customizable UI.

The shinyNotes package is an enterprise-targeted scalable and customizable shiny module providing an easy way to incorporate free-form note taking or discussion boards into your shiny applications.

The package includes a shiny module, shinynotes, that can be included in any shiny application to create a panel containing searchable, editable text broken down by section headers of your choice.


You may install the stable version from CRAN, or the development version using devtools:

# install from CRAN

# or the development version, via devtools


Demo Shiny Application

To start off, try running a demo Shiny application included with the package by running:


Editing Notes

Notes can be directly modified by clicking the edit button and using the generated textAreaInput fields. To delete a note, simply remove all text from a textAreaInput and click save.

Adding Text Fields and Sections

You can add a new note to a section by clicking the “plus” button and selecting an existing category to add a note to. To add a new section header, fill in the inputs provided in the modalDialog.

Custom Text Formatting with Markdown

A range of markdown text formatting is supported by shinyNotes. In addition to vanilla markdown, you can write inline math equations that are rendered with MathJax and even include emojis :exclamation: :astonished:

See the full documentation at