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rriskDistributions is a collection of functions for fitting distributions to given data or known quantiles.

The two main functions fit.perc() and fit.cont() provide users a GUI that allows to choose a most appropriate distribution without any knowledge of the R syntax. Note that this package is part of the rrisk project.

E.g., we can fit random data generated from a gamma distribution with fit.cont():

res <- fit.cont(data2fit = rgamma(n = 37, shape = 4, rate = 0.08))

This will open a new window where the user can inspect diagnostic plots for a variety of possible distributions and then choose the distribution she wants to continue working with (the chosen distribution will be stored in the res variable):

diagnostic plots

Updating to the latest version of rriskDistributions

You can track (and contribute to) development of rriskDistributions at https://github.com/BfRstats/rriskDistributions. To install it, run the following command (this requires the devtools package):



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