rapsimng package is designed to modify and run the *.apsimx simulations using R in APSIM Next Generation.



Install from CRAN.


Install the developing version from Github.


Read APSIMX file

The wheat.apsimx in the validation dataset of APSIM NG is used as an example. Function read_apsimx is used to read *.apsimx file through jsonlite::read_json and returns as a list.

# Read Wheat.apsimx file with `read_apsimx` which returns a list of json results.
file <- system.file("extdata/wheat.apsimx", package = "rapsimng")
m <- read_apsimx(file)

Search by of APSIM NG

A node in the apsimx file can be found using the path specification in APSIM NG.

potential <- search_path(m,
    path = '[Structure].BranchingRate.PotentialBranchingRate.Vegetative.PotentialBranchingRate')

Modify a found model

new_model <- potential$node
new_model$XProperty <- 'NewVariable'

Replace the new model

new <- replace_model(m, potential$path, new_model)

Save into a new apsimx file

write_apsimx(new, tempfile(fileext = '.json'))

Run apsimx file

A function run_models is wrapped for APSIM NG Models.exe in the command line and can be called to run apsimx files. See APSIM website for documentation.