rankrate: Joint Statistical Models for Preference Learning with Rankings and Ratings

This package allows for joint modeling of ranking and rating preference data via the Mallows-Binomial model (Pearce and Erosheva 2022a). Functions in the package may be used for density calculation, random data generation, and fitting the Mallows-Binomial model to data via multiple exact and approximate methods. Uncertainty quantification and estimation of confidence intervals is also possible via the nonparametric bootstrap, whose asymptotic validity was proven in Pearce and Erosheva (2022b). Additionally, the package includes 3 “toy” data sets and 1 real data from the American Institute of Biological Sciences, which were all studied in Gallo et al. (2023).

For more details on how to use this package, see the tutorial.

A published version of the package may be installed from CRAN, or a development version from Github for the most up-to-date functionality:

## Published (CRAN) version

## Development (Github) version
# install.packages("devtools") # uncomment if you haven't installed 'devtools' before

After installation, load the package with the following code:



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