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mschart logo The mschart package provides a framework for easily create charts for ‘Microsoft PowerPoint’ presentations and ‘Microsoft Word’ documents. It has to be used with package officer that will produce the charts in new or existing PowerPoint or Word documents. With ‘Microsoft Charts’, the data is integrated into the document and linked to the chart. The result can be edited, annotated and resized. If the data is updated in the document, the chart is also updated.


This is a basic example which shows you how to create a scatter plot.

scatter <-
    data = iris, x = "Sepal.Length",
    y = "Sepal.Width", group = "Species"
scatter <- chart_settings(scatter, scatterstyle = "marker")

Then use package officer to send the object as a chart.

doc <- read_pptx()
doc <- add_slide(doc, layout = "Title and Content", master = "Office Theme")
doc <- ph_with(doc, value = scatter, location = ph_location_fullsize())

print(doc, target = "example.pptx")

At any moment, you can type print(your_chart, preview = TRUE) to preview the chart in a temporary PowerPoint file. This requires to have a PowerPoint Viewer installed on the machine.


You can get the development version from GitHub:


Or the latest version on CRAN:


Contributing to the package

Bug reports

When you file a bug report, please spend some time making it easy for me to follow and reproduce. The more time you spend on making the bug report coherent, the more time I can dedicate to investigate the bug as opposed to the bug report.