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metapack (version 0.1.x) provides functions to perform Bayesian inference for models introduced in the following papers: + Yao, H., Kim, S., Chen, M. H., Ibrahim, J. G., Shah, A. K., & Lin, J. (2015). Bayesian inference for multivariate meta-regression with a partially observed within-study sample covariance matrix. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 110(510), 528-544. + Li, H, Lim, D, Chen, M-H, et al. Bayesian network meta‐regression hierarchical models using heavy-tailed multivariate random effects with covariate-dependent variances. Statistics in Medicine. 2021; 1-22.

To see the model specification, please refer to the corresponding papers or the long-form vignette of this package.


# Currently, the package is available through GitHub

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