ggsurvey: A Package to Visualize Survey Data using ggplot2

This package is presently in early development. Functions are not fully documented but are functional. More examples and a vignette are coming. I appreciate any feedback. There will be an AAPOR 2022 Conference short course on this package. That course will assume only basic knowledge handling survey data in R.

This package builds upon ggplot2 but is designed for survey data with a goal of taking less code than using base ggplot2 by having a series of functions. It is designed with survey data that is weighted for differential non-response in mind. There has not been testing yet on more complex sample designs. But if you survey is one where you can calculate the mean with a simple weighted average these functions should work for you.

The base functions support data.frames as input and a class of functions for objects. All functions have an option for weights, if you do not have weights use ggplot2. The following geoms will be supported: geom_bar, geom_histogram, geom_boxplot, geom_hex. Options for 2d and 3d faceting exist for all functions. The geom_bar functions are design to make bar charts of histograms in crosstab style. The goal of this package is to simplify the syntax used to make plots of survey data.

Example Plot:


This package is currently located on github. Run the following code to install.

# install.packages("devtools")  #if devtools is not installed on your machine

Future Functionality: 1. Passing on various aestestics to the geom functions like color, fill, size. 2. Adding functions for error bars on various graphs.

Known issues: None