ggh4x 0.2.8

This is a small release fixing a NOTE by request. In addition, there are two bugfixes.

ggh4x 0.2.7

This is a small release for future compatibility with ggplot2, along with some bugfixes.

ggh4x 0.2.6

Hot fix for release of ggplot2 3.4.3. There are no user-visible changes.

ggh4x 0.2.5

This is a small release for future compatibility with ggplot2, along with some minor improvements. Moreover, the life cycle of guides has been set to ‘questioning’ because they might be migrated to a new package using an upcoming overhaul of the guide system. The guides won’t be deprecated until alternatives are available.

New features


ggh4x 0.2.4

This is a small release for compatibility with ggplot2 3.4.2, along with some minor improvements and bug fixes.

New features


Bug fixes

ggh4x 0.2.3

This is a small release updating some of the internals to better use the public interface to ggplot2 and play well with the latest release of ggplot2 (3.4.0).

New features

ggh4x 0.2.2

This is a small release updating the documentation to be compatible with HTML5, compatibility for upcoming ggplot2 3.4.0, along with four small features.

New features

Tweaks and bugfixes

ggh4x 0.2.1

This is a patch release fixing a few bugs and a broken unit test.

ggh4x 0.2.0


Facets have largely been refactored. Accordingly, the vignette has been updated to reflect the latest changes.


The previously existing facet_wrap2() now has the trim_blank option to force nrow and ncol argument if these exceed the number of rows or columns needed to place all the panels. Thanks to @coolbutuseless for letting me steal the idea from the {facetious} package. The facet_wrap2() function was already used to offer more options over axis drawing.


In addition, the cousin facet_grid2() makes an entrance. It offers the same axis drawing extensions as facet_wrap2(), but for the grid layout. Moreover, it allows for independent scales across rows and columns, which is a constraint in ggplot2::facet_grid().

Nested facets

Besides facet_nested_wrap() inheriting from facet_wrap2(), which was already the case, now facet_nested() also inherits from facet_grid2() to make use of the extended axis drawing options. Also, the nest_line argument now takes a element_line() or element_blank() to draw the indicator instead of the logical(1) argument it took previously. The bleed argument has been moved from the nested facet to the new strip_nested() function (see below).


New in the family of facets is now facet_manual(): a facet that can take a user specified design for a layout and populate the panels accordingly.


The facet functions in ggh4x now have strip arguments, which can be used with new strip_*() functions that control how the strips are drawn. For now, they come in the following three variants:

Other changes


ggh4x 0.1.1

ggh4x 0.0.1