export: Streamlined Export of Graphs and Data Tables

Easily export 'R' graphs and statistical output to 'Microsoft Office' / 'LibreOffice', 'Latex' and 'HTML' Documents, using sensible defaults that result in publication-quality output with simple, straightforward commands. Output to 'Microsoft Office' is in editable 'DrawingML' vector format for graphs, and can use corporate template documents for styling. This enables the production of standardized reports and also allows for manual tidy-up of the layout of 'R' graphs in 'Powerpoint' before final publication. Export of graphs is flexible, and functions enable the currently showing R graph or the currently showing 'R' stats object to be exported, but also allow the graphical or tabular output to be passed as objects. The package relies on package 'officer' for export to 'Office' documents,and output files are also fully compatible with 'LibreOffice'. Base 'R', 'ggplot2' and 'lattice' plots are supported, as well as a wide variety of 'R' stats objects, via wrappers to xtable(), broom::tidy() and stargazer(), including aov(), lm(), glm(), lme(), glmnet() and coxph() as well as matrices and data frames and many more...

Version: 0.3.0
Depends: R (≥ 3.0)
Imports: stats, utils, datasets, grDevices, officer (≥ 0.2.2), rvg (≥ 0.1.8), xtable (≥ 1.8-2), flextable (≥ 0.4.3), rgl (≥ 0.99.16), xml2 (≥ 1.2.0), stargazer (≥ 5.2.1), openxlsx (≥ 4.0.17), broom (≥ 0.4.4), devEMF (≥ 3.8)
Suggests: ggplot2 (≥ 1.0)
Published: 2022-12-07
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.export
Author: Tom Wenseleers [aut, cre], Christophe Vanderaa [aut]
Maintainer: Tom Wenseleers <tom.wenseleers at kuleuven.be>
BugReports: https://github.com/tomwenseleers/export/issues
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: no
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