Naming scheme

Chi Zhang


The naming scheme has the following pattern: scope_geogranularity_type_border_layout_Rclass.


This is what content the map data contains. Currently we focus on these 2 scopes:


This is the geographic granularity, which defines the border of county, municipality and ward.


The type of the data object to distinguish whether it’s a geographical map or coordinate for label positions. - Map: Map data. - Position geolabels: Geographical coordinates for the position of labels, e.g. “county03” or “Oslo”. - Position title (insert oslo): Geographical coordinate for position of title. So far it’s only for layout: insert_oslo. (see example)


Due to recent redistricting, there exist multiple versions of county borders. We provide maps that match the borders in the following years:

More information on counties in Norway can be found here.


Map layout, see this section for examples.

R class

R class for the map object.