crc32c: R Bindings for the CRC32C Library

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CRC32C is a cyclic redundancy check (with parity) implementation based on work by Castagnoli, Brauer, and Hermann that is provided by Google in a repository with optional hardware-acceleration selected at run-time. It is included (minus the parts for logging, testing and benchmarking we would not use from R) ‘as is’ in the package at src/crc32c/.

This project provides it for use by R. We also aim for this to be an example of how a standalone cmake project providing a library can be offered via an R package for use by R as well as by other R packages.


The package provides a function direct callable from R.

The package also exports three C-level functions that can be called directly from other R packages by means of a mechanism described in Writing R Extensions.


For CRC32C itself see the included AUTHORS file file.

For the R package integration and maintenance, Dirk Eddelbuettel


For CRCR32C itself see the included LICENSE file file.

The R package integrations is licensed under GPL (>= 2) just like R itself.