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Chemical metrics of 16S rRNA-based community reference proteomes

This R package combines taxonomic classifications of high-throughput 16S rRNA gene sequences with reference proteomes of archaea and bacteria to generate the amino acid compositions of community reference proteomes. Taxonomic classifications can be read from the output of the RDP Classifier or from phyloseq-class objects created using the Bioconductor package phyloseq.

The amino acid compositions of community reference proteomes are used to calculate chemical metrics such as carbon oxidation state (ZC) and stoichiometric hydration state (nH2O). Lower nH2O is associated with increasing salinity in samples from the Baltic Sea:

chem16S::plot_metrics example: Baltic Sea nH2O-Zc plot

The code to make this plot is from the help page for the plot_metrics function and uses sequence data reported by Herlemann et al. (2016).

Reference proteomes for taxa

Precomputed amino acid compositions of reference proteomes are provided for the Genome Taxonomy Database (GTDB release 207) and the NCBI Reference Sequence Database (RefSeq release 206). See the files in inst/extdata/RefSeq for the steps used to download protein sequences from RefSeq and calculate the total amino acid composition for each NCBI taxonomic ID (taxid). The taxon_AA.R scripts for GTDB and RefSeq were used to generate the reference proteomes for genus- and higher-level archaeal and bacterial taxa (and viruses for RefSeq).


After installing phyloseq from Bioconductor, use install_github (provided by either remotes or devtools) to install chem16S from GitHub.

# Install 'BiocManager' from CRAN
if(!require("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager")

# Install 'phyloseq' from Bioconductor

# Install 'remotes' from CRAN
if(!require("remotes", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("remotes")

# Install 'chem16S' from GitHub
remotes::install_github("jedick/chem16S", build_vignettes = TRUE)