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The main goal of ‘Riex’ is to efficiently retrieve financial and market data using ‘IEX Cloud API’. In addition, provide robust tool to:

Please make sure to review and acknowledge IEX Terms of Use before using Riex.

Effective June 1st, 2019, Subscription will be required to access third party data.

For Subscriptions details, visit IEX - Flexible, scalable pricing.

Additional details about usage calculations available in Data Weight - section Best practice about storing and sharing Private & Public Secret Key


You can install the released version of Riex from CRAN with:



This is a basic example which shows you how to retrieve Company info via ‘IEX Cloud API’:

iex.company(x, iex_sk) requires 2 values:

Keep your secret token safe. Your secret token can make any API call on behalf of your account, including changes that may impact billing such as enabling pay-as-you-go charges

#Load Riex Package
sk <- "[SECRET TOKEN]" 
x <- "TSLA"
TSLA_Co <- iex.company(x, sk)

For more details and additional examples, please review Riex vignette.