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   vignette("Distance-and-MOS-PSUs", package="PracTools")

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   WARNING: e >= 1. This parameter setting leads to the lower limit of a 2-sided alpha level confidence interval being 0 or less. You may want to adjust the value of e. 

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where \(\small \pi _{i}^{*}=m{{p}_{i}}\). This estimator is somewhat biased when psu’s are selected with replacement. An approximately unbiased estimator is
[={is}{{{( -{{{}}{pwr}} )}^{2}}}-_{is}{}] Since \(\frac{1-\pi _{i}^{*}}{{{\left( \pi _{i}^{*} \right)}^{2}}}=\frac{1}{{{\left( m{{p}_{i}} \right)}^{2}}}-\frac{1}{m{{p}_{i}}}\), these two choices will be nearly equal when \(\small {1}/{m{{p}_{i}}}\;\) is negligible compared to \(\small {1}/{{{\left( m{{p}_{i}} \right)}^{2}}}\;\). This will occur when all values of \(m{{p}_{i}}\) are small. The corrected estimator of \(\small B^2\) is [= ]

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Valliant, R., and Dever, J. (2011), “Estimating Propensity Adjustments for Volunteer Web Surveys,” Sociological Methods and Research, 40, 105-137.  

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Various functions

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