PROJ 0.5.0

PROJ 0.4.5

PROJ 0.3.1

PROJ 0.2.0

This is only relevant to Windows and MacOS static builds, these are self-contained, the R package contains the PROJ library and everything it needs. Generally in other installations (brew on MacOS, apt install, or from source builds on Linux) the PROJ library self-configures and knows where to find this directory.

This is automatic for source builds on Windows which download pre-built binaries and data from, and so will be using a given PROJ version.

On MacOS, this only occurs if configure options --with-data-copy=yes and --with-proj-data=DIR are used. This is done manually on CRAN by admins. The current version used can be found at

PROJ 0.1.6

PROJ 0.1.5

PROJ 0.1.0


PROJ 0.0.1