Graphical User Interface to the IsoplotR R package for radiometric geochronology.

Offline installation and use

You must have R installed on your system (see Within R, there are two ways to install IsoplotRgui:

  1. The current stable version is available via CRAN (the Comprehensive R Archive Network). This version can be installed from the R command prompt:
  1. The latest development version is available from GitHub. Installing this package requires the remotes package to be installed as well:

Once the package has been installed, you can run the browser-based graphical user interface by typing:


at the command prompt. Alternatively, the program can also be accessed online via the IsoplotR website at, or from your own server as discussed in the next section.

Setting up your own online mirror

There are three ways to install IsoplotR online:

  1. The current stable version is available from CRAN.

  2. The safest and most secure solution is to install IsoplotR as a docker container.

  3. The development version is available from GitHub.

Click on the links for further instructions.

Further information



Pieter Vermeesch


This project is licensed under the GPL-3 License